Through UE founding, refugees in Timisoara, Romania are offered free services for a better integration

November 15, 2016 12:30 pm

AIDRom Association is offering integration services for persons granted a form of protections in the western part of the country. The project is financed by European Union trough Asylum, Migration and Integration Found.

In partnership with International Organization for Migration , Romanian Branch, since May 2016, for a period of 12 months refugees and third country citizens can benefit of free social and counseling assistance, financial aid, medical assistance and Romanian language courses. The initiative is taking place in 6 districts on the western side of Romania.

Within the project, regular meetings with local authorities that have any connections with the integration plan of the refuges, are taking place in every district. Challenges and legislation updates regarding the refugees are discussed during this meetings.

A legal adviser is offering free counseling to the refugees in terms of finding a job, legal contract or any other documents that are needed in their inclusion process.

Refugee children are being helped to get into school, and the families with low income also cand get financial assistance for the school taxes.