Refugee children in Timisoara

Refugee children in Timisoara are taking part in art-therapy activities

November 15, 2016 12:32 pm

AIDRom works with asylum seekers and refugee children national wide since 2012 in strong partnership with the Romanian Migration Office. Offering complex social assistance, the children activities were since the beginning of AIDRom experience within migration field, a very important aspect.

AIDRom psychologist, Simona Ilioni – Loga: “We are aware that most of the refugee children have been undergoing large amount of stress during the travel from their origin country and more unfortunately, a great amount of trauma as the effect of war at their home. We are trying to bring a sense of security trough therapy and recreational activities with the refugee children participating in our programs”.

Refugee children are also accommodated in AIDRom Shelters in Timisoara and Bucharest which makes it easier for the organisation staff to work and observe closely. Other activities with children include: movie projections, city walks or artistic events.
AIDRom provides social and legal counseling, medical assistance, financial help to asylum seekers and refugees in Romania.