Pilot project in Berlin

Who belongs to the nation? Who are the others?

More than 30 young people between 13 and 25 years take part in the theater workshops organised in Berlin in the context of the NICeR project.

From February to Mai 2017, each participant has the opportunity to join an orchestra training and develop her/his skills in music and singing. This workshop takes place every Tuesday in the early evening from 17h to 20h. The theater and drama session takes place every Thursday in the early evening at the same hours. On Friday, in the early evening, the whole group can join the cross-cultural language training that focuses on pronunciation, elocution, breathing, etc.

Every two weeks, on Saturday, the whole group comes together for a full workshop-day. The day starts with a common breakfast that bring together the young participants from the neighborhood and from welcome classes*. Then the group joined a two hours’ theater and drama training followed by a session that focused on dramaturgy, as well as a one-hour cross-cultural language session. Through games and creatives methods, participants talk about the main topic of NICeR project: Identity. They are working on three sub-topics: Nation, Migration and Language. They try to answer together the following questions: Who belongs to the „Volk“/Nation? Who does not belong to it? Who are the others?

In Berlin, Citizens For Europe gUG is working in partnership with JugentheaterBüro Berlin a self-organised CommUNITY-Theater where staff members and young people collaborate together in the creation of theatre performances. Their performances generally combine artistic and cultural action with political education, campaigning and the construction of an alternative and jointly designed theatre program in the neighbourhood. The theater is based in Moabit, a cosmopolitan neighborhood in the core of Berlin.

*German schools have special welcome classes for young refugees.