Creation of 7 initiation workshops to musical comedy targetted to the young refugees and non refugees of the multi-cultural districts of 7 pilot-cities : Rome, Molenbeek St Jean, Liverpool, Sevilla, Berlin, Nicosia, Timisoara.

The initiation workshops to musicals for and with young refugees are based on the mixing of the young people’s different cultures (both refugees and non refugees) with the help of disciplines such as singing/music, theatre and movement. Through the learning of the culture of the host place.

The leading thread of district workshops is the experience itself of the refugees participating in the experiment. Exchange of experiences with non refugees, all together, through the sharing of their daily life and make known to everyone and to the local community and the other youth, who they are, their potential wealth and diversity.

Production of a musical comedy created with and for young refugees and non refugees. Learning the host culture and language will supplement the inter-cultural workshops in order to reach the primary objective : integrate the refugees in the host communities.

Purpose : make young refugees active and participative inside the local community. Young natives must learn who are these refugees. Give them interactive instruments to fight back against negative stereotypes; make participants observe their similarities and differences with the help of multi-cultural workshops; better know who the refugee is, in order to reach a more efficient integration.