Cooperativa cinematografica ALFEA

Alfea CinematograficaAlfea Cinematografica is a cooperative founded in 1977.

Among its many activities (film, video and multimedia production, training, distribution and cinema exhibition) a predominant role is occupied by the production of documentaries on social issues.

Our vocation to work in the social sector started in 1995 with a series of advertising services on sexual discrimination in the workplace (directed by M. Calamia, M. Moretto Production, the Equal Opportunities Commission of Tuscany).

This activity continues over the years with various interventions on the environment on the issues of racial, gender discrimination, education, social inclusion, etc…

In 2010, we obtained from the Ministry of Economic Development the qualification of providers of audiovisual media services and data on digital terrestrial frequencies for the provinces of Pisa, Livorno and Lucca with the brand FareTV.

FareTV, also present on the web at, is a TV community borne in order to promote a new model of television space in which all the social associations that operate in the territory on social and cultural matters can find a space of dialogue and debate.

FareTv wants to be a laboratory of ideas and collective discussions to give voice to those who do not have it.

FareTV produce and deploys, in collaboration with public and voluntary associations, many services and television broadcasts on the issues of health, social and culture in general (theater, concerts, debates, meetings).

In 2011 we made the documentary entitled Casti Dei (Casti Goods), 70 ‘ by Enrico Grazioli.

It is a video documentary about mental illness produced within the project CULTUR.E. (Cités Unesco Territories Urbains Laboratoires de Equilibres) transnational cooperation, co-financed by the European Regional Development which involves eight partners from Italy, Spain and Greece.

Dates back to 2012, the series of commercials addressing violence against women and titled Nobody has the right to you disfigure – Nessuno ha il diritto di sfigurarti-, ( 2’40 “, directed by S. Della Croce texts of the Association of Women House of Pisa, Production: Province of Pisa, Region Tuscany).

Within the same project, we realized Words of women – Parole di Donne (13 ‘): a television format based on four key words of the feminine universe and Persecution- Persecuzione (2’54 “): short fiction to expose the troubles – of women who undergo stalking and Words are stones – Le parole sono pietre (4’24 “): short fiction to denounce the psychological violence against women in the domestic context (directed by S. Della Croce, texts of the Association of Women House of Pisa, Production: Province of Pisa, Region Tuscany).