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CFE - Citizens For EuropeEstablished in 2010 by an international group of committed and young citizens in the European Union, Citizens For Europe (CFE) is a Berlin based non-profit NGO and a social business that seeks a more participatory and inclusive society.

CFE works towards this by changing structures, creating awareness and empowering people. The organisation focuses on issues of citizenship, diversity, migration, political participation and representation.

In its work and as a service provider, CFE uses collaborative and participatory approaches, non-formal education methods and techniques, as well as media in order to bring together diverse stakeholders and foster collective intelligence to develop creative and innovative solutions.

Citizens For Europe conducts together with its partners and friends projects and activities to boost their common vision in a European Union designed for freedom, peace, plurality, tolerance, participation and democracy.

  • CFE promotes political participation by supporting the extension of voting rights and political engagement at the EU and local level.
  • CFE fosters social inclusion and fights discrimination and racism in society, acknowledging existing ethnic and cultural diversity in Europe and demonstrating the value and advantage of it.
  • CFE promotes a new and modern form of transnational and residency-based EU citizenship free from national and cultural attributes and able to empower citizens in the EU to participate more fully in the political process: independent of their national, cultural, ethnic or religious background.
  • CFE bridges the European and local level and act as a platform for cooperation between different actors of civil society, academics and politics.

CFE’s flagship project is „Vielfalt entscheidet – Diversity in Leadership“ whose main aim is to promote diversity in leadership positions in public and private institutions.

For this purpose, we conduct a study that collects equality data on leadership positions and which for the first time ever goes beyond gender by identifying also visible minorities and People of Color.

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