Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion SocialeEcumenica Association of Romanian Churces was established in 1991 as collaboration between 5 Romanian national christian churches ( Orthodox, Calvin Reformed, Lutheran Church, Evangelical Presbyterian and Armenian Church from Romania). The initiative was created to suport the social and spiritually development of Romanian society and help those in need by using ecumenical aprouch in creating a strong partnership of christian churches in Romana that were already social sercices and charity providers.

Troughout the years AIDRom has been involved in many social areas of Romanian society providing trough its experts high quality social services.

AIDRom is conducting fundraising, project processing, monitoring and auditing implementation of projects, providing counseling and implement projects itself. AIDRom operates in the following departments:

  1. Education Programs: Education for peace and reconciliation – educational programs, programs for minorities, human rights.
  2. Ecumenical Formation: Ecumenical Prayer, Interchurch Aid.
  3. Development and cooporation: Social assistance for vulnarable groups: street children, immigrants, women in church and society, environment and sustainable development, emergency aid (disaster).

Today AIDRom operates 3 regional counseling centers in Romania, offering complex social assistance to vulnerable groups. As well as a safe house for victims of human trafficking and 2 shelters for asylum seekers, in strong cooperation with Romanian governmental authorities. Our staff is made of over 30 hired people: managers, social workers, legal advisers, psychologists, teachers and auxiliary staff.

In migration area AIDRom is implementing projects of social assistance for migrants since 2012, in strong parthership with the Romanian Imigration Office and other Romanian local migration organizations. The folowing projects were and are implmentated by AIDRom, beeing financed by European Uniun, trough migration fonds (ERF, IRF, AMIF):

  1. Advice and Assistance to aliens subject to a return decision under escort” Period: 2014 – 2015
  2. Assistance and facilities for asylum seekers in Romania. Improving the living standards and implementing a responsibility of asylum seekers” Period: 2012 – 2015
  3. Promoting the third country nationals in Romania and efficient solutions in order to integrate them in the Romanian society” Period: 2012 – 2015
  4. Facilitating the integration and development of skills for independent living of refugees, resettled in Timisoara, by creating a network of local support” Period: 2013 – 2014
  5. Support for social integration of beneficiaries of a form of protection in Romania” Period: 2015
  6. Assistance and complex services for asylum seekers in Romania”. Period: 2015 – 2016
  7. Legal Advice for asylum seekers in Romania” Period: 2015 – 2016

Trough our work, asylum seekers, refugees, foreigners with other type of protection, third country citizens in Romania are provided with quality legal and social counseling, financial aid, medical assistance, residential services, Romanian language classes, assistance regarding accessing labor market, cultural integration and other types of services.

During our work we have designed and implemented national inclusion practices in working with migrants in Romania:

  1. Creating local networks for all the actors involved in the integration of the migrants (asylum seekers, refugees, foreigners with other type of protection, third country citizens) in Romania.
  2. Multicultural approach in counseling.
  3. Using community representatives of country of origin in identifying, assisting and monitoring the migrant clients.
  4. Using cultural orientation as social integration tool.
  5. Teaching the migrants Romanian language by using informal and non formal communication.
  6. Integrating spirituality as a tool in social intervention.
  7. Accessing Romanian work labor based on individual competences.

Contact us:

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Phone: +4.0757.049.902

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