International Summer School IV Edition: “Democracy, inclusion and peace in the Mediterranean”

August 22, 2016 9:23 am

August 29 – September 2

As part of the traveling Summer School, organized by the Jacques Maritain Institute and by the City of Peace Foundation, dedicated to “Democracy, inclusion and peace in the Mediterranean” it was presented the NiCeR project.

The International Institute Jacques Maritain is a cultural non-profit organization with legal personality, which promotes research and study on human subjects, culture and contemporary society.

The City of Peace Foundation, which organized the interventions of the day on August 30 at the Orsoleo Monastery of Santa Maria in Sant’Arcangelo, Potenza (Basilicata), is an Association in partnership with the public, dealing with unaccompanied minors and immigrants and refugees, first and second welcoming. The President is the Peace Nobel Prize winner Betty Williams.

Attendants of the Summer School, mostly university professors and researchers, have brought contributions of great interest on aspects of immigrants inclusion and democracy.

NiCeR project presentation was very welcome and followed by an interesting debate with reflections and insights about the immigrants inclusion theme.