Intercultural Mediators trained in Romania

Intercultural Mediators are being trained in Romania, to help integrating refugees

November 15, 2016 12:29 pm

In Romania in 2015 according to the General Inspectorate for Immigration from Romania, there were 1,266 asylum applications from which were granted a form of protection in 472 cases.

The total number of refugees with a national ID, in Romania in 2015, November is 2.492.

From this number, 236 are registered in the western side of the country, in the Timisoara Center of the Migration Office in Romania.

Using representatives of migrant communities in Romania has been a tool for the integration not only of the refugees but third country citizens as well.

AIDRom Timisoara has trains in September 2016, for 2 days, 10 intercultural mediators from Egypt, Syria, Serbia, Russia and Moldavia. 6 of them were hired as certified social intercultural mediators with AIDRom Office.

They are working close with the social workers in assisting refuges in 6 districts on the western side of Romania.

The refugees can benefit of free social and counseling assistance, financial aid, medical assistance and Romanian language courses.