Asylums seekers and refugees

Inclusion for the asylums seekers and refugees trough football, in the western part of Romania

November 15, 2016 12:31 pm

Sport has always been an uniting factor. AIDRom Timisoara trough it social works and volunteers have been organizing during the summer time, a series of football events for the asylum seekers and refugees from the city that counts more then 400.000 inhabitants and its situated on the western side of Romania.

Every Wednesday for 2 months migrants were meeting on a public football playground were they were meting with Romanians youngsters to play football.

The events were coordinated by a Canadian volunteer that works with AIDRom for 3 months on sport activities. Even though in Romania, according to statistics more then 80 % of the people do not agree with migrations phenomenon ( especially the refugee quota ) this was not to bee seen in the sports events.